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Notable 2023 Highlights

  • Support for 5 past residents with rental assistance through
    a grant from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation (Boots on
    the Ground).
  • Mental health professionals reported that 100 % of Casa de Paz residents
    were aware of their strengths and competencies, had a sense of
    hope and possibility, and had a determination to succeed
    despite hardships and setbacks.
  • According to the most recent survey, 92% of residents expressed
    that they felt completely confident to care for themselves.
  • According to the most recent survey, 50% of residents felt
    confident that they have learned how to have better
    relationships with others and the other 50% felt very
    confident that they had learned how to have better
    relationships with others.
  • One of Casa de Paz’ residents gave birth in January, and Jennifer, our Family Support
    Coordinator, was asked by the resident to cut the umbilical
  • Women who stayed at Casa de Paz came from Mexico,
    Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Colombia.
  • Casa de Paz staff accompanied residents and their children to their first trips
    to the movies, zoo, and aquarium.
  • Residents of the house were able to create art that was
    displayed in an art show in Chicago.
  • Residents sold homemade crafts after mass at Bellarmine
    Chapel and earned a total of $908.

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