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House Blessing at Casa de Paz

On December 6, 2021, Father Eric Sundrup, Pastor of Bellarmine Parish, performed a Catholic house blessing in response to a request by Casa de Paz residents. Father Eric involved all residents, through scripture readings, prayers and the sprinkling of holy water in each room. As families proudly guided Father Eric through their temporary home and community, moms and children took turns sprinkling holy water in the living room, dining room, kitchen, office, bedrooms, playroom, laundry room and meditation room. A resident’s statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe, arranged with flowers, was an additional focal point of the blessing. Afterward, everyone gathered in the kitchen to celebrate with hot chocolate, delicious tamales, conversation and laughter. Before Father Eric departed, residents sent him off with more tamales for a snack. We are grateful for Father Eric’s ability to communicate with Casa de Paz families in Spanish. His kindness and spiritual care of residents has made a positive impact on the community at Casa de Paz.

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