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One Stitch At A Time

I met Marta* a few weeks ago. She had just arrived at Casa de Paz. Amidst all of the turmoil and sadness of her case and circumstances, she was eager to connect and to show me photos of her cooking, knitting, and crocheting. I was so impressed, that I wanted to learn more. Marta was emotional as she recalled all that she had suffered, but I saw her face light up as she talked about her strengths.


Feeling a sense of purpose is so important to our residents. They have experienced negativity and trauma that could easily take them to an unproductive, difficult place. Instead, we work to help them gain increased self-worth that they desperately need to feel that they can contribute to society, support themselves and create something beautiful. In Marta’s case, the beauty is transferred through her hands.


She invited me to her room to show me beautiful skeins of yarn, hats, and headbands she knitted, and the pretty flowers she crocheted to adorn her creations. They were absolutely beautiful, and I marveled at the precision, care, and intricacy of her work. I watched her hands and fingers move as she made loops that would transform into a flower to adorn one of her creations. Marta was so proud of her work and especially appreciated the affirmation that her work was purposeful.


Since my visit, I have daydreamed about the loops and stitches that I observed Marta’s fingers create. I imagined her sitting in the family room at Casa de Paz, creating another beautiful hat for the people she dreams of meeting. She is friendly and reaches out without fear, eager to connect and to make a difference. I am confident that she will do so with our support one stitch at a time.


If you are interested in purchasing one of Marta’s hats or headbands to support her work, please let us know.

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