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Notable Highlights


  • Opened Doors, January 20, 2020
  • Renovated Living Space for 5 Families
  • Obtained Necessary Furnishing, Clothing and Food
  • Housed and/or Served 24 Women
  • Housed and/or Served 41 Children
  • “Graduated” 11 Families to Safer, Saner Independent Lives
  • Provided Help to 12 Women on Protective Orders and Other Legal Issues
  • Hired Our First Executive Director
  • Adopted and Updated By Laws
  • Reached Out to Churches & Community Groups
  • Renovated Third Floor Attic Space for Multiple Uses
  • Signed an Agreement to Fund the Amy Merrell Fit for Life Endowment Fund
  • Formed Connections with Local Social Service Organizations
  • Remained Free of COVID-19 To Date
  • Publicized Casa de Paz in Local Media
  • Held Two Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Updated Our Web Site, Adding User-Friendly Features
  • Formed Executive Committee to Guide Board
  • Solicited New and Active Board Members
  • Applied for Trademark of “Casa de Paz” Name
  • Obtained Grants to Survive COVID and Our First Year
  • Expanded Database of Donors and Supporters
  • Began Writing Residents’ Handbook and Other Policy Manuals
  • Obtained Help from Volunteers and Interns

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